Education, fun and safety for kids online
Education, fun, games and safety for kids online

Welcome Explorer! brings you endless fun, cool games and exciting activities. Play fun games for free, read stories, find out fun facts about the world around you, read jokes, test your brain power on puzzles and riddles, get ideas for your science fair project, learn through educational games and interesting features, meet new people, or just browse through this website for kids and find fun stuff you wont get anywhere else. Silly rhymes, craft ideas, recipes for kids, party games, learning through fun, the list goes on.. will not leave you disappointed.

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No matter how old you are, colors are always great fun to play with. Now you can color pictures, get craft ideas, send personalized greeting cards and play colourful games, all online. Check out

Nook of Knowledge

NOK is kidspace’s corner of discovery. Every week, NOK will bring you something new. Learn more about a slimy reptile, a famous personality, a specific date in history, or an exotic island with unheard of creatures from experts on the topic.

Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats: Learn about these animals from National Geographic

Kid-Friendly Sites

All you friendly souls out there – here’s where you can make lots of friends your age, find others who share your interests, and meet fascinating people from around the world! With the safety ensured on these fabulous, fun websites, we’re not sure who loves them more – the kids or their parents!

Neopets – If you love animals but cannot have a pet for any reason, stop fretting and get on to Neopets, one of the most popular pet games websites out there. Choose from a variety of cuddly critters and raise your animal buddy so it is healthy and happy and brainy to boot. Lose yourself in the amazingly creative fantasy world of Neopets today! Learn more about this fun pet game.

Penguins of Madagascar – If you are a fan of the Penguins of Madagascar, then here’s your opportunity to join forces with Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, the adorable flippered birds from the Madagascar series! Download the exciting mobile game Penguins of Madagascar: Dibble Dash, or explore the online virtual World of Madagascar for the ultimate combination of learning and fun for kids! Learn more about the Penguins of Madagascar!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Enroll into the School of Dragons and join Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and all your other favorite How to Train Your Dragon characters on exciting quests and adventures. This thrilling MMORPG is the perfect blend of learning and fun, giving you the opportunity to raise and train your very own dragon, fly and explore different parts of Berk, learn more about the scientific method, and more! Check it out here! – Meant for kids between the ages of 3 and 10, is a virtual world where kids can be adults – setting up homes, shopping for clothes, taking care of pets and meeting with others in the neighbourhood while also playing games and learning maths, reading and critical thinking skills along the way. Check it out here!

Togetherville– Meant for kids between the ages of 6 and 10, Togetherville is an online neighbourhood “for kids and their grownups”. Members engage in age-appropriate activities, playing games, watching videos, creating artwork and connecting with others in a secure environment. Check it out here!

SuperclubsPlus – Meant for 6 to 12 year old primary school kids, SuperclubsPlus is an online environment where kids are encouraged to learn technology and life skills as they have fun. Mediation and guidance from teachers ensure children are safe as they express their individuality and creativity in this online network. Check it out here!

GoldStarCafe – Meant for 11 to 14 year old middle school kids, GoldStarCafe allows members to join discussions, start their own clubs, create web pages, conduct research for school projects, learn and teach while interacting with others their age and having fun. Features like mediation, validation and the emergency bell ensure that children are always safe. Check it out here!